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The truth is pain is never really down to one thing. Rather, it is ALWAYS a combination of the four factors of muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves. What’s more, that combination is different for EVERYONE.

muscular Factors

Approximately 90% of pain and discomfort is down to muscular causes. Achieving better muscle tone and flexibility and relieving tightness and spasm is of paramount importance.

joint factors

The key facts about joints is that they have multiple ligaments and muscles feeding into them not to mention the condition of the actual joint itself.

ligament factors

A healthy ligament supports and stabilises. A tight ligament restricts and locks the joint it feeds into. Learning how to work with ligaments and support their function is key.

nerve factors

While muscles are tough and durable, nerves are fragile highly sensitive. Trapped nerves are frequent causes of intense pain. We can help with that.

Whatever the location, it’s important to get to the root cause of pain and discomfort.. It makes a world of difference. Just because two people have symptoms of pain and discomfort doesn’t mean they have the same causes. Your first consultation and treatment gets you off on the right foot.

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

What Do We Treat ?

Back Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Joint Pain

“Alan Lee of Stoke Osteopathy Clinic is my absolute go to when my back starts playing up. Highly knowledgeable and the most capable Osteopath I have encountered over the past 20 years. Alan takes the time to understand your specific issues and thereafter provides a programme of treatment to suit your specific needs.”


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Alan Lee D.O. CFMP

Accelerate your return to feeling better, moving better and doing better with our multi discipline approach

learn about our unique approach

About Alan Lee

Alan Lee has been an osteopath for nearly thirty years and in that time has helped and supported nearly 7000 patients of all ages and backgrounds. His youngest patient has been four months old and his eldest ninety two !


Osteopathy is a recognised system of medicine that seeks to properly assess, treat and manage problems affecting muscles, joints and ligaments.

functional medicine

Functional medicine is an advanced system that uses blood tests to diagnose underlying causes of disease. It is especially useful in the treatment of join disorders.

functional neurology

Functional neurology is the assessment and treatment of disorders relating to the brain and nervous system. As a diagnostic tool it is unsurpassed in its effectiveness.

yoga therapy

Every treatment program should have a stretching component to it. Properly approached, yoga therapy is a primary method for improving back, neck and joint pain.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio sacral therapy is an especially gentle method of working on the neck and bones of the skull. In our clinic we apply CST for the treatment of migraines and other headaches.

remedial massage

Remedial massage is a primary method of relieving tension, stiffness and discomfort associated with back, neck and joint pain. Used in conjunction with other therapies it is highly effective.

Training Institutes 

I became an osteopath after suffering a crippling back injury. I didn't know pain like that existed. And so I didn't just qualify as an osteopath, I researched what I needed to know so you don't have to

In Your First Appointment

In your first appointment we will ...

Our philosophy is simple. We want to get you better FAST. To do that we need you to work with us 100%.

I Will Personalise Your Treatment Programme For You And You Will Find The Treatment Programme As Individual As You Are

Osteopathy is a profession that makes extensive use of manual assessment and treatment guided by the principles set forth by its founder, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. Osteopathy emphasises the interrelationship between structure and function of the body. 

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Cutting Edge Science For Smart Decision Making

Accelerate your return to feeling better, moving better and doing better with our multi discipline approach

specialist services


Migraine is so much more than just a headache but using a combination of osteopathic medicine and functional neurology you can make significant progress.


A concussion does not necessarily have to mean loss of consciousness. In fact the impact can be experienced many years later. Careful assessment is key

Vertigo / Dizziness

Dizziness is associated with disorders of the neck ( poor circulation ) and of the cerebellum and vestibular systems of the brain.

Chronic fatigue ( M.E.)

Chronic fatigue is becoming a modern day health crisis for many people and involves multiple factirs related to the immune system, hormonal system and detoxification system sin the body.

It’s really important to get to the root cause of health problems. Mainstream medicine doesn’t do that. But it can really make a world of difference. Just because two people have similar symptoms doesn’t mean they have the same causes. Check what happens in your first consultation.

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

"After attending the NHS for five months and receiving physiotherapy and cortisone injections which made no difference at all, I attended Alan Lee at Neurogenics Osteopathy Clinic for chronic back and neck pain. I could feel the difference after just one treatment and after a few more my hip pain had totally gone. The movement in my neck continued to improve with each session until I could move my neck and shoulders almost pain free. I now do the exercises Alan gave me daily and I am now almost back to normal function."

L.O., Pediatric Nurse

I attended Alan Lee at Neurogenics Osteopathy Clinic after a recent back injury. I had been suffering with back pains for years on and off through my job as a staff nurse, and bad posture. He was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. After a few visits at his clinic, and daily exercises and advice he has provided me with, my pain and posture have improved.

D.A., Nurse

I have spinal stenosis in two places which was causing extreme pain and immobility. I was unable to access surgery because of health conditions and was recommended to see Alan by a friend. I can only praise him- within a relatively short period of time he had improved my pain greatly and allowed me to resume relatively normal levels of activity. Alan is friendly and approachable and totally put me at ease throughout. I can not recommend him highly enough

M.S., Housewife

It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial to a gifted and skilled osteopath. I had lost the feeling down the left hand side of my body after a mini stroke a few years ago. It was Alan Lee’s skilful determination and persistence to help me that got me 95% of my feeling back and for that i will be forever thankful.

B.M., Musician

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At Neurogenics we are at the cutting edge of research. We help you make smart decisions.

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Cutting Edge Science For Smart Decision Making

Accelerate your return to feeling better, moving better and doing better with our multi discipline approach

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