Our Testimonials

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Over nearly thirty years in practice we have treated and supported approximately 7000 patients of all ages and all walks of life. Here are just a few of the testimonials we have gathered in that time.

“Alan Lee of Neurogenics Osteopathy is my absolute go to when my back starts playing up. Highly knowledgeable and the most capable Osteopath I have encountered over the past 20 years. Alan takes the time to understand your specific issues and thereafter provides a programme of treatment to suit your specific needs.”


I attended Alan Lee after a recent back injury. I had been suffering with back pains for years on and off through my job as a staff nurse, and bad posture. He was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. After a few visits at his clinic, and daily exercises and advice he has provided me with, my pain and posture have improved.

D.A., Nurse

I have spinal stenosis in two places which was causing extreme pain and immobility. I was unable to access surgery because of health conditions and was recommended to see Alan by a friend. I can only praise him- within a relatively short period of time he had improved my pain greatly and allowed me to resume relatively normal levels of activity. Alan is friendly and approachable and totally put me at ease throughout. I can not recommend him highly enough

M.S., Housewife

It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial to a gifted and skilled osteopath. I had lost the feeling down the left hand side of my body after a mini stroke a few years ago. It was Alan Lee’s skilful determination and persistence to help me that got me 95% of my feeling back and for that i will be forever thankful.

B.M., Musician

"After attending the NHS for five months and receiving physiotherapy and cortisone injections which made no difference at all, I attended Alan Lee's clinic for chronic back and neck pain. I could feel the difference after just one treatment and after a few more my hip pain had totally gone. The movement in my neck continued to improve with each session until I could move my neck and shoulders almost pain free. I now do the exercises Alan gave me daily and I am now almost back to normal function."

L.O., Pediatric Nurse

Alan is a very professional and knowledgeable osteopath and a quick look at his website soon told me I couId put my trust into getting professionaI treatments here. I was seeking an osteopath to treat my lower back for which I had surgery six years prior. Alan was great at quickly finding why I could have been having the problems and after a small course with solid advice on how to manage my day to day living helped immensely. Alan is also a very friendly and great person and I would not hesitate to pick the phone up if I had any further issues in the future.

C.R., Engineer

Can’t recommend Alan highly enough. I have been bothered with back pain for years caused by heavy lifting etc being a bricklayer and Alan totally changed my posture through proper exercises and guidance after years of temporary relief using other practitioners. Excellent professional service.

B.Mc., Bricklayer

I was 6 months into a nursing career and had awful back and hip pain. I had given up daily exercise due to the pain I was in. I spent my days off recovering from the effect work had on my body. Within a few sessions of seeing Alan, my pain started to ease. I was given plenty of stretches and daily exercises to complete alongside the sessions which worked on strengthening my weak muscles and easing any pain. I am completely pain free for the first time in months and back training for my half marathon. Definitely recommend Alan for the amazing work he does

M.R., Nurse

After an injury at work resulted in severe upper back and shoulder pain, a colleague at

work recommended Alan Lee to me after failed physiotherapy. The difference was

unbelievable in as little as a few weeks. My posture was the best it had been in years, the

pain and spasms I had been suffering were greatly reduced and my mobiIity was greatly

enhanced. During my treatment sessions I have learned that although you have pain in

a specific place that is not always where the root of the problem lies.

I give Alan my highest recommendation.

J.G., Paramedic

After suffering lower back pain I contacted Alan to seek treatment. I have found Alan to be professional, friendly and very knowledgeable in his treatment of my complaint. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone seeking osteopathic treatment.

B.D., Office Manager

Alan has been an invaluable Ally in my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His in-depth knowledge of the body and mind has enabled me to make changes that have quite literally helped me live a better life. Fully recommend Alan and will always return for treatment from him when needed.


Alan Lee has been my osteopath for nearly twenty years in which time he has also treated my wife(who has MS).During that time he has been very personable and professional and give him my strongest recommendation

J.M., Warehouse Operative

excellent for back care been seeing Alan for maintenance checks on my back for many years and any issues that occured . My son and husband have also had treatments highly recommend.

J.L., Secretary

Alan is an amazing holistic therapist I’ve known him for 25 years now! He really understands how the body works, how we connect up with our minds and our way of being (soul/spirit who knows what’s the best way of expressing this)
He has a lovely energy and is a down to earth decent man. Go see him for yourself with your aches and pains.

S.D., Director

Alan has been our practitioner for several years now.
He is very professional and widely knowledgeable
Thoroughly recommend

V.W., Director

Alan Lee has successfully treated my wife and myself for back and shoulder problems over the years; we find him highly capable, extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with.  He is a good listener and communicator who achieves solutions with no “bullshit” included!

A.S., Retired